The first 

The first Smart Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Smart Cat Feeder

for Wet Food

Only the best for your cat 
Combining confidence, convenience and style

How does the Cat Feeder work?

A cat-centric solution

The smart pet feeder serves capsules of Wet Food to your cat, hygienically and automatically for up to three days.

About the Cat Feeder

Why health tracking?

Because cats cannot talk. Our App gives you a clear picture of your cat’s health by monitoring activity and consumption.

About the health tracking App

Why Wet Food?

Food matters! So our feeder serves the highest quality Wet Food which is beneficial to the cat’s health.

About our Wet Food

The first Cat Feeder for Wet Food

About the Feeder

This one works with Wet Food


About the Best Food

Why wet food is so important

For your Cat

About Us

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A Smart Feeder serving Wet Food – because we truly care

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